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There are many traditional casino games available to players, including Texas Hold Em Poker. A dealer deals the cards to 2-6 players on a table. There are other players at the table against whom the game is played.

A five-card poker hand consists of the two cards dealt to each player individually and the five community cards distributed on the table to all players simultaneously. The objective is to make the best combination of those five cards.During a Texas Hold Em Poker game, you can place bets at various stages.

HOW TO PLAY Texas Hold Em Poker?

Poker chips are used to place the players’ initial bets on the table. Before the game can begin, both blind players must place a bet.

Each player then receives two face-down cards from the dealer. The players can then decide whether to continue or fold based on the cards they have seen.

During the first round of betting, the person sitting next to the Big Blind places a bet. Call, raise, or fold are the options available to this player. Non-blind players are all subject to this rule.

Each player’s chips are moved to the center of the table once they have all made their bets. A new round of betting begins after the chips are moved to the center of the table.

All players see three cards face-up in this round, added to the table by the dealer as community cards.

As the first player to act, the small blind player has three betting options, which are check, bet, and fold.

Following the second betting round, the third betting round begins when all players have folded, called, or raised their bets. 

Players are given a second hand face-up, which is shared by everyone on the table. Once again, they can check, bet, raise, or fold. There is a lot of similarity between this round and the second betting round.

On the poker table, the fifth community card is placed face up in the same way as the third round. 

Using the five community cards and the two cards in hand, you must make the highest ranking five-card combination. 

It is also possible to check, bet, raise or fold during this round as in the third round.

Bets are placed, private cards revealed simultaneously by each player. 

The player must have the highest-ranking five-card combination among all of the opponents, otherwise he or she loses.


The Small Blind is the first to place a bet in Texas Hold Em Poker followed by the Big Blind. Each round, the Small Blind and Big Blind roles are assumed by a new player. There is no charge for the other players to begin the game.

The standard Texas Hold Em Poker game consists of four betting rounds. In addition to Preflop, Flop, Turn, and River rounds, there are also Rounds 1 and 2.

Players start betting on the preflop round next to the Big Blind. This case also has three betting options for the non-blind players, including a Call, a Raise, and a Fold. 

Matching the big blind’s bet is called. 

In poker, the raise is when a player puts more money into the pot via chips than the big blind.

During a game, it is considered a fold when you check your hands and do not wish to continue. Essentially, you walked away from that poker game. 

Following the first round of betting, the second round called the Flop begins. Three community cards are dealt face up to each player in the Flop round. 

As soon as the small blind plays his bet, the Flop round begins. The player has three betting options, such as checking, betting, and folding.

Playing the round without adding any more money is known as checking.

Adding a bet to the table is known as betting. It is the responsibility of all players at the table to match this wager amount.

Players in this round may also raise the small blind’s initial bet. Before the round can commence, all other players must match this bet amount.

A turn round follows the first round. One more community card will be dealt to the table face-up by the dealer. Players can check, bet, raise, or fold in this round, just as they would in the Flop round. In this round, players must place a matching amount of bets on the table.

In the next round of betting, called the River round, all the players will place their bets. The table is dealt one more community card faceup by the dealer. The total number of cards dealt now is seven. 

For the highest ranking poker combination, you can use any of the five community cards on the table and the two cards dealt to each player individually. 

Each player may check, bet, raise, or fold in this round, just like in the Flop round. In this round, every player must place an equal bet amount.

Afterwards, there is a Showdown, which is referred to in poker terms. A player reveals their hands to the table so all other players can see them, hoping to win with the highest ranking poker combination. 

Winner-take-all is the rule in Texas Hold Em Poker. All other players at the table lose every round since only one winning hand is dealt every round. 

A Royale Flush has the best ranking from best to worst, followed by a Straight Flush, Four of a Kind and High Card.

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